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Crafting Certainty from Uncertainty: Scenario-Based Extreme Weather Planning

This free educational webinar will provide a detailed process for climate-driven “pre-response” in a variety of key areas including: Supply Chain Disruptions, Employee Safety and Productivity, Regulatory and Compliance Risks …and many more areas.

Duration: 1 Hour

Addressing Ongoing Environmental Challenges and Obstacles

This free webinar attendees will learn about what good looks like for IAQ and how to prevent, manage, and mitigate mold in the environment.

Duration: 1 Hour

ASTM 1527-21 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment: What You Need to Know About the New Standard

This free webinar will inform attendees on the most significant updates and modifications in the new standard, known as E1527-21 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process.

Duration: 1 Hour

Accelerating Environmental Success in 2021 & Beyond

Join this free webinar with Cority’s Environmental experts as we celebrate the 51st Earth Day and discuss what the future holds for environmentalism – and how companies can improve environmental performance to remain competitive over the coming decades.

Duration: 1 Hour

Marketing in a Time of Crisis - Critical communications strategies during unprecedented times

This free presentation will help companies think through how to communicate during these challenging times and share some strategies to help plan and execute potential future crisis communications.

Duration: 1 Hour

Understanding the Return-On-Investment Value of Oral Fluid Drug Testing

In this FREE webinar attendees will learn how to accurately calculate the ROI of lab-based oral fluid testing compared to other drug testing methods and much more!

Duration: 1 Hour

IAQ is Critical to Earning LEED Points, Green Building and a Healthy Workplace

This informative webinar will discuss the role of high performance buildings in workplace health and safety.

Duration: 1 Hour

10 Webinar Best Practices - Step-by-step guide to executing a winning webinar

Step-by-step guide to executing a winning webinar

Duration: 1 Hour

Promoting Responsibility and Transparency in the Global Chemical Industry

A recent initiative from the International Council of Chemical Associations hopes to help clear up some of the public’s misconceptions about chemistry and chemical safety with a strategy to bring more information to the public about the chemicals the industry produces.

Duration: 1 Hour

Cleaning Frack Water On Site Benefits Environment and Business

This webinar will discuss the benefits of on-site wastewater treatment, how these integrated mobile treatment services work and how this business model can cut the average cost of treating produced water by as much as 50 percent, while allowing drillers to focus their efforts and manpower on generating oil and gas profits, rather than on water treatment.

Duration: 1 Hour

Planning Designing and Building Californias Largest UV Water Treatment Facility

This webinar will review the planning, design and construction of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s (SFPUC) recently completed Tesla Treatment Facility – now California’s largest ultraviolet (UV) disinfection water treatment plant.

Duration: 1 Hour

SuperCast 3 EHS Webinars In One Day

Register FREE for this 3 webinar SuperCast! The latest information about UV water treatment, gas producers’ on-site treatment of frack water, and a new global initiative to ensure chemicals are made and used as safely as possible.
Webinar 1.) Promoting Responsibility and Transparency in the Global Chemical Industry
Webinar 2.) Cleaning Frack Water On Site Benefits Environment and Business
Webinar 3.) Planning, Designing & Building CA Largest UV Water Treatment Facility

Duration: Each Webinar is 1 Hour

The Utility of Oral Fluid Drug Testing in Workplace Safety Programs

This presentation will address the utility of oral fluid drug testing in workplace safety programs.

Duration: 1 Hour

Electrical Arc Flash Safety and Risk Management in Water and Wastewater Facilities

This session presents an overview of the NFPA 70E® 2009 Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace and the requirements of the standards, which are intended to better protect electrical workers from injury when they work on energized electrical equipment.

Duration: 1 Hour

Going Beyond Compliance Best Practice Strategies for Carbon Accounting and Reporting

Join Groom Energy, PSEG and IHS on this live webcast as they take a look at best practices for carbon management accounting and reporting.

Duration: 1 Hour