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    Chlorine Analyzer

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            Drum Containment Bag

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                      Rainwater Harvesting System

                      Rainwater Harvesting Systems

                      BRAE introduces configurable Rainwater Harvesting Systems for commercial, institutional and residential applications that can reduce water consumption by up to 65 percent.

                      Control Co.

                      Control Pen

                      Control Pen

                      Control Company's new Counter Pen is a combination marker and digital counter designed for the lab and plant. Each time a black mark is made with the felt-tipped pen, it automatically sounds a beep, and LCD displays the counts. Use it to count cell growth on petri dishes, inventory parts, and tally samples received.

                        Ecologico Logic


                        The Muncher

                        Ecologico-Logic’s prototype waste reduction system—known as The Muncher—reduces the weight and volume of organic and many types of inorganic waste. The Muncher achieves its high-volume throughput by combining superior mechanical efficiency with powerful, naturally occurring, aerobic (oxygen-breathing) microorganisms in a patent-protected process that greatly accelerates waste digestion while doing no damage to the environment.

                          Water Innovate

                          N-TOX Toxicity Monitors

                          N-TOX Toxicity Monitors

                          Water Innovate’s N-TOX instruments serving Severn Trent Water are patented toxicity monitors used for detecting nitrification inhibition events in wastewater treatment facilities that can lead to inadequate treatment performance and discharges to the environment with high ammonia concentrations.