Agency Releases Enhanced Aquatox Model

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Science and Technology, has released an enhanced version of the aquatic ecosystem simulation model AQUATOX.

The PC-based ecosystem model predicts the fate of nutrients and organic chemicals in waterbodies, as well as their direct and indirect effects on the resident organisms.

AQUATOX Release 3 contains enhancements that increase the realism and utility of the model. The most important enhancements include:

  • Capability to represent estuaries at a screening level;
  • Capability to model multiple linked river and reservoir segments;
  • Enhanced nutrients analysis, including nutrient release from sediments, daily dissolved oxygen fluctuations, and toxicity from low oxygen and ammonia;
  • Capability to simulate biological effects of suspended and bedded sediments; and
  • Expanded data management, graphics and statistical analysis.

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